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Cater With Us


Economy Plan

24pc Chicken, 12 dinner Rolls 3lbs salad of choice


Tast Tempter

24pc fried Chicken, 24pc fried Shrimp, 24pc Dinner rolls. 4lb Salad of Choice


Deluxe Plan

50pc Fried Chicken, 24 Dinner Rolls, 6lbs Salad of Choice


Hearty Party

36pc Fried Chicken, 36pc Fried Shrimp, 12 dinner rolls, 20 Dinner rolls


Holiday Buffet, JR.

20pc Ribs, 20pc Fried Chicken, 20pc Fried Shrimp, 20 dinner rolls, 4lbs Salad of Choice


Holiday Buffet

40pc Ribs, 40pc Fried Chicken, 40pc Fried Shrimp, 40 dinner rolls, 8lbs Salad of Choice


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